Disaster Care

Backing Up is Not Enough.

Protect Your Company

Stay Safe, Don't Flirt with Disaster

The information you create - and how you manage, control, and back up that information - is mission-critical to your business. If you're backing up your data on site in any conventional media, you're flirting with disaster.

Now there's Disaster Care - from Computer Point's. Disaster Care is the safest and most reliable way to protect your data all day, every day. No additional equipment to purchase. No cumbersome or unreliable media. We back up all your data, on every server throughout your network, virtually every minute of every day. And then we back up that backup.


Don't risk your data. Don't risk your business.

Computer Point's Disaster Care Plan includes:

  1. Local back up - automatic, reliable back up of all data and applications to a local DCSS
  2. Quick Recovery Business Continuity Capability - the ability to recover the smallest files or entire servers within minutes
  3. Disaster Recovery Capability - offsite replication of data to a secure data center


  • It's the fastest, safest, and most reliable option on the market
  • Are you sure that all of your critical data is being backed up by your current backup process?
  • Are you paying for upgrades, software agents, and ongoing maintenance of your current backup system?
  • Remove the risks of traditional backup systems from your business with the Computer Point's Disaster care Plan and these and other issues will no longer be a factor for your business.